Jon Paul is the actor, writer, and producer of the martial arts action/drama short film, “Dojo.” With a background in filmmaking and a passion for martial arts, Jon Paul has seamlessly blended these worlds to create a gripping and visually stunning narrative.

Jon created “Dojo” as a testament to his dedication to storytelling and martial arts. As a two-time Judo national champion, a bronze Pan-American medalist, and a multi-world cup medalist for USA Judo, Jon was inspired by his experience in training and competing worldwide. The film showcases not only intense action sequences but also a deep, emotional storyline that resonates with audiences. Jon Paul’s innovative approach to choreography and character development sets “Dojo” apart in the genre.

Recognized for his work, Jon has received accolades such as breaking the Guinness World Record for most awards won by a Live Action Fictional Short Film with a total of 445 international film awards and still counting. “Dojo” has won some of the top international film festivals in the world that include Cannes World Film Festival for Best Martial Arts Film, the Red Movie Awards for Best Action Film of the year, and Best Actor at the Fighting Spirit All Action and Martial Arts Film Festival.

Jon continues to push the boundaries of storytelling and bringing his unique vision to the audience. Currently, he is working on his next project, which is the feature film to cover the full story of “Dojo” in greater depth, which promises to deliver another exciting, and thought-provoking film experience to the audience worldwide.

For interviews, collaborations, or more information, Jon Paul can be reached by phone at +1-305-781-6807 and/or via email at




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